Feedback-What others are saying….

Very hot, D5_ratingstars5_V4Very descriptive!

D5_ratingstars5_V4 Great call, she knew exactly what I needed!

D5_ratingstars5_V4 WOW another fun call. I love getting to know Mistress Justice. We had fun and I love what shew makes me do for her, love our time together TY, we’ll talk more soon.

D5_ratingstars5_V4What a splendid experience. Mistress Justice took me places that I had never been and never knew how much I wanted to go there. I’ll be back for more.

D5_ratingstars5_V4 WOW…has to be one of the best on here. Takes you fantasy and runs with it, and has a wonderful voice. A great call!!!!

D5_ratingstars5_V4 Mistress Justice rocks

D5_ratingstars5_V4 A wonderful experience !! Mistress Justice takes you to the highest of highs . She is fabulous and so good at controlling little slaves like me . Can’t wait to serve Her again.

D5_ratingstars5_V4 DeviantMistressJustice (DMJ) is as good as it gets. She is intelligent, experienced, the real deal and wonderfully kinky. She’ll have you eating out of your hand in no time. She is so good that my real time mistress gives me assignments to complete via DMJ. Everything of course is while locked down in chastity so the calls are an excruciating exercise in tease and denial. Obviously recommended. If you two make a connection, you’ll enjoy the ride.

D5_ratingstars5_V4 Oh my God Dude! Why didn’t I call her a long time ago? Well worth it. Almost more into it than I was…My dick was dripping and so was that delicious pussy of hers when we got done!

D5_ratingstars5_V4 A controlling cock-tease supreme! My Mistress Justice manipulated and excited me to such a point that when she finally gave me permission to spurt, I covered myself in glory. Justice’s naughty glory!

D5_ratingstars5_V4 i want to jump through the phone line and give myself to you…completely

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