panty bois Tell All

A job well done. Good boi! (humbler) Such a pain slut you are!

hello Mistress
Mistress, I did what You asked with the cord and bungee. 
Hooking it to my bed, and Your balls
then I turned on the video, and had it play for 2 minutes. 
the cord was tight, and my cock felt veiny, it was nice
after the video quit, I reached down and pulled on the cord, moved
up the bed, and then let go of the cord gently, the pull was
noticeably more
I did this 2 more times, stroking and edging.
after the last time, i could not control it, i came, i didn’t even
realize i was cumming
it was hot!

Another Gloryhole Cumbucket Doing What he Does Best!

That’s right bitch boi, suck it up!

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