All Tied Up – Mistresses Night Out

It was chilly inside the room where his Mistress had left him tied up, struggling to hear if She had returned. But even now as he lay here bound to the bed, gagged with a pair of Her well worn panties and feeling so humiliated; all he could think about was Her.

How beautiful She looked standing there, so commanding, in Her leather skirt, thigh high stockings and stiletto heels. “It’s for your own good” she said, as She tied the last knot, shoved a dildo up his ass and gave his tiny penis a swat. “I can’t have you running lose getting into My panty drawer again and soiling all My lovely lingerie, now can I? It will be much better for you to lay here and think about what a naughty boi you’ve been.”

It’s true he couldn’t resist masturbating in Her panties. The sweet smell of Her intoxicating pussy buried deep within the silk; he could spend hours licking and sniffing them. Just thinking about it made his pathetic little sissy stick hard. He tried not to think of it at all but his mind began to wonder to the huge cock he knew his Mistress would be fucking tonight. Oh how he wished he could be a real man.

More then likely She will bring Her date home and force him to service that black cock right in front of her. She seemed to enjoy watching him suffer as Her men friends shot cum all over his face. But if he is lucky, She will also have him clean all that cum from Her warm wet pussy. Wait, did he just hear something? Was that the door? Was it his Mistress returning to…………..

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