What is your favorite homemade sex-toy?

Recently I asked My sissy bois & slaves…
What is your favorite homemade sex-toy?
Below are some of their replies…

MikaylasDouche replies…Shoving a cucumber up my ass Mistress

Look at how into it SpermHunter is. Try this at home!

SpermHunter replies…I have made 2 semi interesting toys / machines.

I made a “Bram Stroker” 😉 I used the motor from a vibrator, an offset cam (a wheel with an eye screw on the edge) and an elastic waist band from old sweat pants. I glued the waist band so it had a loop at both ends a tiny loop for the eye screw end and the other just slightly smaller than my flacid penis, just big enough to stretch it to get it on.  as the wheel spins it pulls on the band, pulling on the penis. The first modification was to nail it down to the workbench for Hands free operation. then I used a larger wheel but it had quicker battery drain and took time to build up momentum so I used a transformer and plugged it in.  It worked great the band became a cock ring after erection, my dick was flpping back and forth, but the CUM flew everywhere so I had to wear a condom after that. I loved it so much I burned out the motor.

I got a staionary bike at a garage sale, an exhaust clamp, and a rod on which I impaled a dildo.  I hooked the exhast clamp ( a U Bolt) to the axle, drilled a hole in the rod and used an eye hook below the seat, and cut a hole in the seat. as you pedal the dildo pistons through the seat and fucks your ass.  The flywheel on the bike allows the dido to piston a few times after you stop pedaling. It worked great but was sometimes painfully dangerous if you shifted position the flywheel would keep it hammering what ever was above the seat and ram your cheek instead of your hole.

Of Course a Wet/Dry Shop Vac is a lot of funn too.

A man walks up to a vacuum cleaner salesman and say “Got anything in my size”

The Queer Engineer



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