Panty bois you really do need to have your own panties!

panty pile

In Marang, a 39 year old man was caught stealing underwear from the clinic he worked at; 400 pair of them to be exact. It seems he was under suspicion of drug use and during a raid at his house the police found his collection of panties instead.

Now I know some of you bois really enjoy sniffing, wearing and masturbating in a nice, well worn, pair of panties. But honestly, get your own! Drugs you could probably explain and at worst you might get some family intervention; but how many of you want to tell to your boss and your love ones that you were actually stealing dirty panties so you could sniff and masturbate in them, lol? It would be easier to just tell them you are a cum guzzling, butt fucking faggot! Click here to view the full article.

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